Thursday, June 9, 2011

MYTH: I am natural now therefore I no longer need a trim.

Split ends occur when the protective cuticle of the hair shaft has been stripped away causing the hair to split into two. This unwanted process can occur at any point along the hair shaft and travel to the root. Therefore, it is important to nip these suckers in the bud as soon as possible. The main cause of split ends are dry damaged hair i.e hair that is not well conditioned or moisturized. Since curly hair is more susceptible than straight hair to dryness, it is important that you keep a watchful eye on your ends. 

Possible Causes:
Hair coloring
Blow drying
Not trimming regularly
Too much sun exposure
Not protecting your hair at night
Vigorously brushing dry hair

Helpful Tips: 
Do not brush wet hair
Invest in a good detangling brush
Condition after shampooing and deep condition regularly (once a month)
Always apply conditioner to the ends of hair after it is dry
Avoid prolonged sun and wind exposure 
Avoid nylon brushes
Never use bobby pins that have the smooth edge removed

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