Sunday, June 26, 2011

25 Reasons Why Life is Way Better with Good Girlfriends by your side.

Carrie Bradshaw said it best "Maybe our girlfriends are our Soul Mates & guys are just people to have fun with." 

Sex and the City wasn't just a hit because of the trendy clothes and New York City's skyline. I believe that it was hit because of the bond between four successful ladies. I remember watching countless episodes of SATC and wishing I had girlfriends like that. Well I am one of the lucky few to find a group of GREAT Girlfriends. Here is a list of attributes I have experienced from my wonderful friendships. 

My Soul Mates- Melissa (Left), Me (Middle) and Crystal (Right)

Tasia and I

  1. A good girlfriend knows everything about you. What makes you tick, smile or cry. She kinda knows you a little bit better than yourself. 
  2. Although your fashion style maybe different there is always a piece of clothing that you can't wait to borrow. 
  3. No matter how long you haven't talked you can spend 2 hours on the phone and it seems like yesterday. 
  4. She is more excited than you about your promotion, new job or engagement and is already planning the party. 
  5. She is there to comfort you through break-ups, deaths and lay-offs. And her presence makes you feel better. 
  6. A good girlfriend will remind us of what is most important in a life partner. She will let us know what we need and not what we want in a man. 
  7. She is our biggest cheerleader!
  8. Few people can make you have a good time like your girlfriend can.
  9. A good girlfriend can make us laugh so hard that we cry. 
  10. A good girlfriend never complains about being your wing man on a date. She happily chats up your date's not so attractive friend...even though she would never date him. 
  11. A good girlfriend let's you know when your outfit is all wrong and your hair looks a mess. 
  12. Even after telling you "he is no good" good girlfriends don't say "I told you so" after he shows his true colors. 
  13. Good girlfriends are always down for cocktails and a good movie. 
  14. You can't wait for ladies night to get all dressed up and hit the dance floor with your girls. 
  15. A good girlfriend will get out of bed at 8am on Saturday to hit that aerobics class or personal gym session even though she would rather sleep in. 
  16. After an argument you still know that you are "Best Friends Forever". 
  17. Good girlfriends will always have your back through thick and thin.
  18. You have enough in common to enjoy each others company and also appreciate your uniqueness. 
  19. We can always count on having a good time no matter the atmosphere. 
  20. We love to dream big and our girlfriends are just as ambitious as us. 
  21. Like hot and cold, there is always a good balance between good girlfriends. 
  22. Every relationship goes through hard times but a good girlfriend is always there to listen to us vent. 
  23. A good girlfriend lets us know when we are being over dramatic. 
  24. A good girlfriend lets you know when we've put on a few pounds and need to hit the gym. 
  25. You know you have great girlfriends when the thought of a caribbean vacation always includes them. 
Feel free to add to the list!

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