Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wearing your #naturalhair to an interview? Do or Don't?

I was recently asked "Is it ok to wear my natural hair to an interview? Do you think that I won't get the job if I do?" In my opinion, hair whether kinky, curly or straight is professional for an interview once it is well groomed. The key is to present yourself as a total package and put your best foot forward.  There are a lot of misconceptions out there about women who decide to wear their natural curls but those barriers are being torn down as many of us embrace our natural curls. I want to know your opinion or experience about wearing your natural curls to an interview. 


  1. I had an interview for a position and I was having the same debate with myself the entire week leading up to the interview. I made the decision to straighten my hair, so I washed it and did a deep treatment, then looked in the mirror. I immediately changed my mind to wear my natural head of curls, because straight hair isn't me anymore! I didn't do a funky fro-hawk or a puff, I decided to wear in what I call my little hair (shingled).

    The interview went great and yes, I got the position!! Your ability to do a job and do it exceptionally does not depend on your hair.

  2. Thanks Dominique for your very positive story. I hope your story inspires more naturals to wear their curly hair on interviews.

  3. I have an interview tomorrow and am still stuck between how to wear my hair....a flower is to much I think...
    I dk about a twist out, may just do a headband or wake in the morning a do a wash and go...I am not sure but I will let you know how it went...


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