Sunday, May 1, 2011

America's Next Top #NaturalHair Stylist. Where is he/she?

Let's admit one thing, some women can style their natural hair like nobody's business and others need a little help. If you are frustrated with your look and just can't handle your hair or get it to look like your favorite you-tuber it may be time to call in the professionals. Finding a great stylist, whether your hair is natural or straight can be a task but if you are thinking about going back to your "Lye-ing Days" then you need a Natural Hair Stylist and quick. Not all, hairstylists are created equal so it pays to do a little bit of research before you sit down in the chair and spend your hard earned $$$$$. Here are some helpful tips to help you with your Natural Hairstylist search:

Positive & Friendly- A hairstylist that possesses these qualities will be a joy to be around. Natural hair takes some time to style so you want to be around someone that is friendly, uplifting and encouraging. A hair stylist that likes to gossip is should come with a warning sign "CLIENTS BEWARE" because just how he/she talks about their other clients to you they will talk about you to their other clients.  

Clean and sterile surroundings- You know that little jar filled with bluish green water that those combs are in? It needs to be/look clean. Why? Because the same comb that he/she is using in your hair is the same comb that was used to part Becky's hair. You know Becky from down the street, the one with all the dandruff flakes. Cleanliness is next to godliness and that's how I like my salons. 

Price- Why is it that a healthy lifestyle is more expensive than a non healthy one. You know what I am talking decided to eat healthy and all of sudden grapes are $7 a bag and its' tasty alternative a Snickers bar is $0.99. Natural hair comes with its price but that doesn't mean you have to pay $100 for a twist out. Find a stylist that is realistically priced and is not trying to buy a Gucci bag from styling two heads of hair. 

Creativity & Trends- A stylist that is up on the latest natural hair trends is a plus! If you are tired of the flexi rods, twists outs and wash n go's your stylist should be the go to person for "What's HOT"!

Time Management Skills- For the first time in my life I found a stylist who knew 2:00 meant 2:00 and 45 mins meant 45 mins. With our busy schedules, it is important to find a stylist that is efficient in the use of their time and doesn't overbook several clients for one slot. This may be a little hard but when you find a good stylist that knows time its like finding the "HOLY GRAIL". 

Latest technology & products- As our hair evolves from TWA to BAA, our hair needs change. A stylist that stays informed about the latest technology and products can help you fulfill your ever changing hair needs. 

Promotes healthy hair & Listens to your hair goals- This is the most important of them all! You want a stylist that prefers healthy hair over a neat/cute style. A stylist that will listen to your hair goals while giving you tips to reach those goals is "PRICELE$$". 

Avenues to finding your ANTNS:

Word of mouth- Recommendations from friends or colleagues is key. This is your hair we are talking about so you need the truth. 

Bloggers- If word of mouth fails then ask bloggers in your area. Be sure to ask details about what they like about the stylist and why the recommend them. 

Check your local listing and go in for a consultation- If all else fails, check your local listings and go to various natural hair salons for consultations. Consultations are usually free. While in the salon: check out the stylist's hair, listen to the background conversation, take in the ambiance and let your conscience be your guide. 

If you are a Natural Hairstylist or a customer of a GREAT Natural Hairstylist please feel free to post their contact information below. 

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