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Kurlee Textures Guide to Perfect Wavy, Curly, Kinky Curly and Kinky Coily Hair!

Use Kurlee Belle Kurlee Textures Guide To Find the right products for your hair texture. 

A Message From Our CEO Terrinique

Terrinique Pennerman
Kurlee Belle CEO
As a little girl, my mom always stressed the importance of looking your best. She was a quite a fashionista in her own right with hair, nails and outfit always flawless. We would spend hours in the beauty salon being pampered and when we weren’t getting our hair professionally done we were creating our own homemade recipes. Recipes passed down from generations of Bahamian women, made from naturally grown ingredients like Aloe Vera, Coconut, Hibiscus and Banana. When I lost my mom at 19, I wanted to honor her legacy by helping others look and feel their best. Kurlee Belle is inspired by hair care recipes from the Islands of the Bahamas to help women look and feel naturally beautiful. With every bottle or jar we are sharing hair secrets passed down from countless moms to daughters. I can still hear my mom saying, a women should always look her best and I hope that Kurlee Belle does just that for you.

Wavy Hair
Photo Credit: @style_dose

Wavy hair is prone to frizziness, has limited volume and resistant to styling. Stay away from heavy products that weigh the hair down.  

Guide:  Opt for a moisturizing sulfate-free shampoo like Almond & Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo that gently cleanses the hair without stripping of it’s natural oils. To add moisture to your hair and reduce frizz, use Thirsty Kurls Leave-in Conditioner that tames frizz and leaves the hair looking and feeling healthy. To revitalize your tresses for added shine, bounce and strength, use Banana Nut & Avocado Deep Treatment as a weekly deep treatment. 

Curly Hair

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Curly hair
has a well defined curl pattern of S shaped or spiral-like curls. This hair type has a lot of body, elasticity and excellent style versatility. It is easy to swell, dry out and frizz. 

Guide:  Start with our sulfate-free Almond & Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo to cleanse, moisturize and detangle the hair. To strengthen and nourish your curls, apply Banana Nut & Avocado Deep Treatment. Thirsty Kurls Leave-in Conditioner will prevent frizz, while making hair easy to detangle and give curl definition. For Wash N’ Go days, use Jelle Coconut Styling Gel to give shiny, defined curls without the flakes or crunch. Kurl Defining Creme can be used as a daily moisturizer to tame frizz and define curls. 

Kinky Curly
Photo credit: @simplybiancaalexa

Kinky Curly hair has well defined tight curls in corkscrew or coil shapes. It is highly dense and full of volume. Easy to swell, tangle, frizz and craves moisture.

Guide:  Start #WashDay with a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like Almond & Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo and Thirsty Kurls Leave-in Conditioner. For daily moisture and defined curls use Kurl Defining Creme. For easy, Wash N’ Go days use Jelle Coconut Styling Gel. To strengthen curls and promote healthy hair, include a weekly deep treatment into your hair care regimen like Banana Nut & Avocado Deep Treatment

Kinky Coily Hair

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Kinky Coily hair is tightly coiled with some volume and limited movement. It requires manipulation to achieve curl definition. Hair is fragile, shrinkage, breaks easily and requires lots of moisture. 

Guide:  Moisturizing sulfate-free cleansers and conditioners that offer a lot of slip like Almond & Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo and Thirsty Kurls Leave-in Conditioner are perfect for this hair texture. Weekly treatments of Banana Nut & Avocado Deep Treatment will make the hair more manageable, add shine, nourish and promote growth. Kurl Defining Creme is the perfect butter that melts into the hair during curl manipulation for smooth, defined curls. Kurlee Tropical Oils Blend can be used as a hot oil treatment or daily shine enhancer to revitalize dry, dull looking hair. 

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