Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Natural Hair: The Choice Is Yours!

For many years, society's perception of what is beautiful has been a white face with straight hair. 
We were bombarded with images of beautiful women who did not look like us. Today, we are seeing a change in what is considered beautiful. The real woman (everyday woman), who has curves, darker skin tones and kinky hair is being represented more now than ever. Natural hair is everywhere! Brown girls are everywhere! Curly haired women are all around us, in our community, on the silver screen, talk shows, reality shows and the news. 

Society is becoming more accepting of who we are or have we accepted who we are without giving society a choice?  Whatever the answer, the natural hair community is growing at a phenomenal rate and changing the standard of beauty. 

Do you agree that society's view of beauty is changing? 

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