Friday, June 7, 2013

Natural Hair | Art Exhibition in NYC "You Can Touch My Hair"

The age old fascination with African hair continues. Today (and tomorrow) in New York City's Union Square, an art exhibition, will take place featuring live models with natural hair. To many races this may sound a little weird, for instance, "Touch White People's Hair....See How Straight It Feels?" Crazy right? Well for those who have African in their family, many people would love to reach out and touch our mane without  being offensive or flashed the evil eye.

The germaphobe in me is screaming, "No don't let them do it. People put their hands in the weirdest places."

The topic of whether or not to let others touch your hair is not new to the natural hair community. There are several memes floating around cyber space, that proclaim our hair is not a pet. Many believe that there is a racial undertone when it comes to other ethnicities wanting to touch our hair but I think it is just curiosity. Let's face it, we have the capability to wear many different hats because of the versatility of our hair. To name a few, natural hair can shrink into a retro afro, stretch into long spiral curls and be blown out into flowing locs. What other hair texture can do this? That's what I thought, unless you have African in your family there is a limit to what can naturally be done to your hair.

In the minds of those who don't have African in their blood, there is something mysterious about natural hair. It bends, curls, holds water and looks like a sponge. Hopefully the curiosity surrounding our sometimes springy manes will be put to bed. I wish I were in NYC to document this momentous occasion. For those of you that are in the area, you can check it out from 2pm to 4pm (June 7th and June 8th).

The exhibit is hosted by, "a place for black hair."

Would You Let A Stranger Touch Your Hair?


  1. In my sophia voice ...hell nawl!!

  2. Well put! I think you pretty much said it all.

    I actually don't mind people touching my hair as long as they ask and are not as so fast to have there hand in it before I can answer. For me, I think it's curiosity but I don't want to be touched, poked and prodded like I'm some alien object...


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