Monday, April 8, 2013

A Healthy Cuticle is Crucial

Photo of Mahongy Curls of YouTube

If you examine the hair shaft under a microscope, it is easy to see these tiny scales called cuticle. The cuticle are overlapping tiles that protect the inner most part of the hair shaft called the cortex. When the cuticle tiles lay flat, they reflect light and your hair shines. When they are ruffled, they repel light and the hair appears dry and frizzy. 

What flattens the cuticles?

Cold water
 Rinsing out product with cold water rather than hot water will help the hair retain moisture and seal the cuticle. 

Downward application of product
Manipulating the hair in a downward motion when applying product will flatten the cuticle because they are naturally positioned to lay down. 

Cleaning or shampooing the hair
 Wash the hair with shampoos that restore moisture and body. Once a month, use a clarifying shampoo or Apple cider vinegar to remove product buildup. Try not to shampoo the hair too frequently as this can cause dryness. 

Regular conditioning treatments
Weekly deep treatments are a great way to maintain hair health. Using oils and butters daily to seal in moisture is also helpful.   

What causes the cuticle to stick up? 

Chemicals, detergents, hot water, flat irons, brushes, wind and cold weather are just a few elements that cause the cuticle to stick up. 

The Pinecone on the left would be an example of a sealed cuticle which resembles smooth and moisturized hair. The pinecone on the right is an example of a raised cuticle or dry, frizzy hair. 

What other suggestions do you have in maintaining the cuticle? 

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  1. Great post! Yes, I totally agree keeping those cuticles closed and flat is key. Thanks for posting. Take care!



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